Lindsay Grubb

Brand Storyteller

We all love a good story

I love telling stories, whether they’re a product of my overactive imagination, or carefully researched and strategically planned for my clients. I believe that customer loyalty doesn’t happen because of price, positioning or packaging, (though I don’t ignore their influence). Consumers today, become and stay loyal to brands because of the way they experience them. As a consumer gets to know a brand better, they identify with particular values, attributes, and even individual characters who are integral to the brand’s story. Once that happens they begin to aspire to the lifestyle-promise revealed through each chapter, align with the values the brand holds true, or perhaps fall in love with the romance of the brand.

Provide a basis for your customer to connect

When a brand’s story captures the imagination, stirs fascination, or invokes inspiration, a customer is more likely to connect with it, want to know more about it, and share it. Human beings seek connections; your brand’s story provides a basis for consumers to connect.

Lindsay Grubb

Business-minded Content Specialist

Helping industry leaders to create valuable content for their clients

It’s not always easy to find a writer who invests themselves in your business, getting to know every aspect, and understanding how the proposed content will impact on your business as a whole. With a solid foundation of 14 years corporate communication experience behind me, I’m able to work closely with you, and your clients to create content that shows why your business is leading its industry, or how, and why it’s climbing the ladder to the top.

Whether it’s opinion editorials, press releases, advertorials, white papers, case studies, or brochure or web-site content, how you say it, is as important as what you say. Through thorough research, it is possible to show your clients that you don’t operate in a vacuum, that you are aware of the struggles they face on a daily basis, and how your solution can solve their problems, making them perform at their peak. I currently write regularly for leading public relations and crisis communication firms, advertising agencies, information technology and telecommunications companies, and business advisory firms,

A great way to reach new customers is to show them how your product can help them in real world situations.

Proving your case with well written studies can make your sales team’s jobs that much easier.

Let me help you to align your corporate messaging

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Lindsay Grubb

Community Builder

Connecting you with your community

Today’s aspirational generation want to connect with an ideal, or community that’s bigger than themselves. For brands that means your customers want to know everything about you. They want to know who works for you, who your suppliers are and how they do business, and they want to better understand your business’s impact on the society around you. In sharing your brand story with them, in revealing those tiny details, you are laying the foundation for a lasting connection.

As a storyteller, I love discovering more about the brands that I work with. I enjoy researching their history, learning more about their operations, unlocking those tiniest of details in order to reveal the stories behind the facts and figures. In exploring how a brand got its start, what its teenage years were like, how it discovered its true identity, as well as all the learnings it has made along the way, I find a treasure trove of information to share, in stories for the brand.

Newer brands, and situations where the story might not be so obvious,  present a fantastic opportunity to push my creative skills that much further. I love to create stories for them, and find ways to align each brand with history, or popular culture, or to the community which surrounds them.

Let your customers get to know you. Unlocking the tiniest detail, and sharing your business’s humanity through storytelling, will breathe life into your brand.

Hire me to help you connect to your community

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Lindsay Grubb

Strategy-driven communicator

Life is a highway... or is it?

Beginning a new story for a client, is like embarking on a thrilling, uncharted adventure with a new friend. You know where you want to end up, but how you get there is entirely up to the two of you.

You pack all that you can fit into a duffel bag and stuff it in the boot, and there are 48-hours of songs queued up and ready to play and you turn the volume high. You stop along the way to pick up your friend, and you’ve got the makings of an epic road-trip.

As you sing along loudly to your favourite songs, the suburban streets slip silently beneath your tyres. Your friend leans over into the back seat, pulls her Mary-Poppins carpet-bag onto her lap and digs out snacks, drinks and her own playlist. You smile, because with each bag of tomato-sauce Fritos, can of Iron Brew, and cheesy pop-song she produces, you’re getting to know the real her better, and that’s what lasting friendships are based on.

There’s an off-ramp up ahead, you turn to her grinning and ask, “Are we sticking to the freeway or shall we take the scenic route?”

Let's get to know each other

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Lindsay Grubb

Inspired by your stories

Where will YOU take me?

My freelance journey over the years has been epic. I’ve explored popular culture in Italy and America during the 1950s and 1971 for a luxury jeans brand, and  learned more about the Nouvelle Vague cinematic style in Paris for a centuries-old jewellery manufacture. I have fallen in love with the setting sun, and the way it bathes Venice and Samarkand in the warmest light. For one feature I sourced striking photos from NASA, to help me to tell the story of how one brand’s timepiece made it to the moon, in another I was awed by lengths man has gone to, while breaking records in the deep blue sea.

I’ve satisfied my need for power and speed, while winding through some of South Africa’s most breathtaking countryside in a glorious Bentley. I sipped lattes in coffee shops and bundu-bashed through private reserves, with the CEOs of local and international companies. (We talked about everything from ideal lifestyle communities, to their company’s culture, their plans for expansion and what creativity means to them.) I’ve even compared a luxury automobile to the bloodlines and pedigrees in horseracing during an interview with the CEO of Racing South Africa.

I learn so much through each new encounter, and I’m looking forward to my next adventure. Who knows? Perhaps it will with you…

I am a storyteller

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