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In the 1950s, Nouvelle Vague Cinema came to the fore, breaking free from the constraints of typical Hollywood films of this era. It portrayed a real and vibrant Paris and her inhabitants, through magnificent extended shots, realistic dialogue communicated through natural performances, and socio-political commentary. Endings were ambiguous or unresolved and expression and meaning were favoured over story or narrative. Nouvelle Vague Directors shared an intense passion for cinema, and believed that the mainstream releases at the time were not a true expression of human life, thought and emotion.

The directors of the Nouvelle Vague era attempted to delve into and share the essence of what makes us human. With their newest jewellery collection ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’, Cartier too, has attempted to both interpret and celebrate the quintessence of the modern woman. Through seven short films, directed by critically acclaimed film, commercial and creative directing duo, Isabel Whitaker and Marc Hawker, Cartier have attempted to capture and share the unguarded, personal moments of a Parisian woman during the course of her day.

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