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Speaking on South Africa, Riedo says, “South Africa for me, is a market for us to reach, there are plenty of connoisseurs in this area that can reach this kind of product. For ladies these watches are something that we can continue to push in the market.”

While the majority of sales still flow through their traditional boutiques and retail networks, Riedo says the online boutiques are starting to be successful, but acknowledges the key lies in understanding your markets intimately, “We opened the online boutique in the US A two or three years ago and it still continues to grow, even though it’s a small part of the business. In the European market it differs, you have so many boutiques, so many stores, probably in that luxury market, people continue to prefer to go to the actual boutique, because there are boutiques everywhere. In Africa, where distribution can be challenging, the online store could be a smart way for the Manufacture to penetrate the market, making it accessible and mitigating a variety of logistical issues such as maintaining a physical presence or holding stock there.”

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