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The benefits of driving a luxury vehicle such as the Mercedes-Benz S65L AMG, is that you know it comes from pedigreed stock. Like a prize-winning thoroughbred, you can trace Mercedes-Benz’s bloodline all the way back to the Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. As it is an AMG, you know it comes from the high performance division of Mercedes-Benz, and that it is independently engineered, manufactured and customized to have a more aggressive look, a higher level of performance, and of course better handling and stability, than its Mercedes-Benz production counterpart. You also know, upfront, that beauty, power and speed such as this, come at a greater price. It’s the same with horseracing, not all horses are created equal, you want the thoroughbred, known for its hot-blooded nature, agility, speed and spirit, and you know that it too, will come at a greater price.

Wainstein has owned horses since he was 22, and had learned much about the sport over the past 36 years. “I’ve been involved in horses all my life. I grew up in Turffontein, which is right by the racecourse, and the stabling was right there, so as a youngster, I got involved with a passion for horses and horseracing,” Wainstein shares, as he reminisces about how he got his start in this prestigious industry. “As a youngster of 22 years old, I applied for my colours and was one of the youngest people to them.”

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