The world of professional sport is one that not many people can relate to, in terms of the stress levels, and what it takes to achieve. The stress it exudes is different to most other professions, so I asked him how he deals with it, is it simply a matter of becoming slave to routine, and how does he keep from becoming bored or burnt out? “It’s about how you look at it,” he says. “If you can look at it in a positive way, find ways to change it up, spice it up, then you’ll get better. If you look at it as a routine, then you can sway, get burnt out, and get bored. If you look at it as an opportunity to better yourself every day then you will improve.”

“And all those hours in the pool?” I ask. “Where does your mind go?” His eyes light up and that huge smile comes out again. He says in a confident, here-to-take-over-the world manner, “The mind is bulletproof!” which has us all laughing loudly.

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