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“If we have the type of client that really opens up and shares his full position with us, all his assets and liabilities, the history of them, where the risk sits, we can match up the risk to the cash flows, we can manage his affairs a lot better, because ultimately what we seek to do is protect our clients’ assets and grow them.”

I’m sitting with Winston Monale, Head: Absa Wealth Management, and we’re talking about wealth management, and the duty of care and trust that forms the cornerstone of the client advisory relationship. Monale explains the basics of wealth management to me, “Laymen often assume that you are going to create wealth from investing. That’s not necessarily true. You could – if you are a professional investor – but actually a lot of people have assets, and they want to protect them, and they want to grow them. They want to protect them against inflation, protect them against asset price deterioration, and a whole number of other things. That’s where we come in, to provide that plan, to understand what the client is trying to achieve, understand his objectives and build that plan with him.”

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